We work with the roofing industry's leading brands and products including

Redland Tiles  (plain, profiled concrete and clay tiles)

Marley Eternit Slates

Velux Windows

And many more...

If you are having a new roof your choice of tiles is important. We can provide samples of the latest colours and designs. We only use a breathable membrane beneath the tiles, making vents a thing of the past, 25mm x 50mm tanilised battens providing more strength and longer life expectancy. We can also help with tile choice so your home doesn't look out of place and is in keeping with the rest of the street.


Trutone Fibre Cement Slate

This new roof above is finished with the market leading Marley Trutone Fibre Cement Slate


1 British Board Of Agrement Certified

2 Flat surface with square edges

3 Uniform semi-matt finish

4 Lightweight/ Durable

5 Comprehensive range of accessories

6 Economically priced

7 Excellent life expectancy

8 Comes with a 15 YEAR GUARANTEE


Plain tiles

The roof above is a new Mansard roof in plain tiles. Tiles size is 10.5 x 6.5". This project was finished in 5 weeks and took over 26000 tiles to complete. All window cheeks have been finished with new code 6 lead. This roof has appeared in several roofing magazines.


Concrete interlocking roof tiles

The roof above has been finished with concrete

interlocking roof tiles


1 Functional design

2 Looks great

3 Ideal for refurbishments

4 Excellent value for money

5 Comes with a 15 year guarantee


Chimney stack before works begin

This is a new 240mm lead cover flashing. This has been fixed and wedged into the brick joints, then a render stop bead added to give a professional straight edge. The remainder of the exposed brickwork has been rendered to a smooth neat finish.

This is an example of a new roof with code 4 stepped flashing. Each step has been independently fixed into the brick joint with a lead wedge then neatly pointed to finish.



At Southwood UK Roofing we have a fully comprehensive carpentry division which enables us to carry out any structural works from timber decking for your flat roof, new rafters/joists, purlin, struts and collars to a major structural rebuild.